About the Chef

Hi! I'm Marlene Dotterer. I've worn many hats in my life: wife, mother, grandmother, scientist, science fiction fan, and star-gazer. But, through it all, has been a love of food! From earliest childhood, when my brothers and I would “help” our Italian father make ravioli, I’ve been fascinated by the act of preparing a meal. I’ve inherited the Italian enjoyment of mealtime, with family and friends gathered around, sharing good food and good wine.

I have learned how food connects us to each other and to our planet and the seasons, and to understand how food can give us a sense of “place” and belonging. This is the magic that keeps pulling me back to the kitchen.

Even as a young mother, I was determined to prepare my children’s food from scratch, using the best ingredients I could afford. I would sit at the table with my cookbooks spread around me, planning a bi-weekly menu and listing ingredients I needed to purchase. For me, this was an act of love, as I imagined my children’s reactions to a joyfully prepared meal. I still love to place a table full of delicious, fresh, and healthy food in front of people and watch the fun! I hope to continue this practice and help make your mealtimes joyful and relaxing!

As a member of the United States Personal Chef Association and a graduate of the USPCA Culinary Business Academy, I am insured to work in your home as a Personal Chef. I am a certified ServSafe Chef.

Meals by Marlene is a new member of Bay Area Green Businesses! We are dedicated to walking lightly on our lovely planet!