Packages and Prices

Remember, this is a personalized chef service! The packages listed below are just a starting point. If you don't see what you want, ask me!

Meals can be packaged in individual servings to take for your lunches.
Ask about Breakfast Items or Personal Grocery Shopping.
We have gift certificates for birthdays, anniversaries, new baby, or new home.

The service is $250.00 plus $10.00 per meal, up to 6 servings. Servings over 6 are $3.00 each. This includes the assessment, shopping, recipe preparation, pantry items such as spices and oils, cooking, cleaning, packaging, labeling, and reheating instructions. Groceries are billed separately. All fees are due the day of service.

The packages below are examples of the most common services. 


Standard: Includes 5 entrées (4 servings each) with side dishes. Will feed singles for one month (20 meals), couples for two weeks (10 meals) and a family of four for one week (5 meals).
$300.00 plus groceries

 Family: Includes 5 entrées (6 - 10 servings each) with side dishes. Will feed a family of 3 to 5 for 2 weeks (10 meals).
$300.00 - $425.00 plus groceries

 Singles: Includes 5 entrées with sides for 2 servings each. Will feed singles for 2 weeks (10 meals) and a couple for 1 week (5 meals). Good for couples who enjoy cooking occasionally, but want the convenience of a ready-made meal when desired.
$300.00 plus groceries

One-time Introductory Plan:  Includes 3 entrées with sides, 2 servings each. Try it on a hectic evening, when you're tempted to tear your hair out!
$280.00 plus groceries