Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Using Those Veggies

So what did I do with my CSA veggies?

While rummaging through the freezer, I found a couple of bratwurst and I remembered a popular dish I made a few months ago. So I sliced the batch of carrots, chopped the leeks, minced some garlic, sauteed them with the bratwurst. Then I added the head of cabbage (chopped), a little water, and let it steam until the cabbage was tender. I served it with a dollop of mustard and horseradish on the side.

We have leftovers, but I can freeze those for later use.

This left me with a batch of Tokyo Turnips and the chard, which I used yesterday. I had a lot of lamb in the freezer. I'd roasted a leg of lamb back in November and frozen the leftover slices of meat. I got it all out and braised it in a ginger-garlic sauce with lots of Indian spices. I steamed the chard and added it to the stew, serving it with whole wheat naan and the steamed turnips on the side.

I've got leftovers of that, too. Back into the freezer for another easy meal when I don't have time to cook!

Just in time, too. I've got another CSA box coming today.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Cooking at Home

Today was a waffle day.

The batch in the freezer was getting low, and I had some baked butternut squash that really needed to be used. So into the waffle batter it went, along with walnuts and cinnamon and cloves. I had two squares for breakfast, with a bit of butter, powdered sugar, and half a Meyer's lemon squeezed over it all.

A very nice breakfast.

Yesterday, I made a batch of yogurt, which I'll probably mix with the applesauce I made a few days ago, or top with tangerine sections. That will be good over future waffles, or as a light lunch one day.

My crisper drawers are full of good CSA vegetables, and I must decide what to do with them before I get another box on Wednesday. I've got a cabbage, a bunch of carrots, two leeks, broccoli and chard. I already used the spinach, serving it sauteed with olive oil and salt, along with leftover turkey pot pie. And of course, the tangerines were in the box, too. And it's also where I got the lemon.

I'm tempted to serve simple vegetarian meals for a couple of nights, to use everything up. I need broth, too, so I'll probably use the leeks, cabbage, and some carrots to do that. My freezer is actually brothless, at the moment. I'll wander back downstairs to figure things out, eventually. I have writing to do, first.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

An Idea I've Endorsed

Did you see the "Victory Gardens" logo off to the left? I think this is a great idea and I've given my official endorsement for it. We need an organic garden at the White House - one that is used by the First Family for their own meals and also for state dinners. Beyond that, we need these gardens in cities and towns all across America.

It doesn't get more American than that!

Here's the link to official idea. Or just click on the logo. Please go vote!

Food? What Food?

After weeks of holiday eating (and drinking),vacations, and an upcoming writing deadline, food has become a side thought around here. I know - I'm having a hard time dealing with that, myself. But I literally have not had the time or desire to think about food.

We're still eating, of course. You know all those extra meals I prepare and freeze? They sure have come in handy.

My meal planning has dropped down to figuring out what to take out of the freezer. Because of dental work, one of us is relegated to soft food for the week, so I'm pulling out things like soups (potato, turkey), rice and broth, baked butternut squash, etc.

I still have a full freezer, but I've managed to use up all my homemade broth - it's time to make more! Today, I pick up our CSA box for the first time in three weeks. I know I'll have to do something about all those veggies. So even in down times, the cooking doesn't go away completely.

Amazing Fact: I did not gain any weight this holiday season. Didn't lose any, mind you. But I didn't gain any either, and I'm happy about that! Last year, from November 07 to - say May 07 , I gained about 15 pounds. I still have to lose that. So I'm relieved to know I didn't add to the problem this year.